In case you have decided to make money online then you certainly have managed to collect your very first ingredient that is determination. Before checking the internet, it is important that you perform a mental check list regarding what you are capable of. According to Socrates, ‘temet nosce’ or a person should know himself as this is one main step towards success. Avoid simply jumping over to anything that you get attracted towards simply because it is very much attractive. You have to try and select a procedure that you feel resonates with you. After this it is important that you consider solving your online money conundrum. Presently most people have a number of options that they can make use of. If you are having sufficient knowledge then you could try selling an ebook. A number of people also try selling their consulting services online just because they feel they are professional to help out others. In case you are good at marketing, then affiliate marketing might just be the right job for you. Most business websites provide you with opportunity to make use of their platform and sell their products. But before selecting this option, you have to understand that this is one of the most difficult jobs online.