We all want to have a little extra money for that new iPod or car. Here are a few ways to actually get an income online.

The internet is expanding and we find ourselves hooked onto it even more every day. It is following us around on our laptops, our netbooks, our mobile phones, our gaming consoles and even our mp3 players.
If we spend so much time connected to it, isn’t it but natural to want it to give you something in return? A supplementary income or maybe a primary income even can be earned online.

Now when there is such a vast field of money lying in the internet lying pretty much untapped, why not give it a try and make money online?
Let’s take a look at how some people have made money online.
We have heard of people making money in virtual worlds developing various accessories for other players to buy and use and people have even gone to the extent of selling real estate in these virtual worlds.
People have been known to make money online by working part time, developing software, writing articles, designing CAD etc. for other people who require these skills.

Other people are known to develop or even host websites for businesses and manage their official mails etc.
All these techniques have been used by people and have proved successful, but don’t let this stop your imagination. Try coming up with something new and innovative and give it a try online. You might be looking at a treasure chest waiting to be opened