The internet is not only an information resource, but a place with the potential to make you money, sometimes without you making any investment whatsoever. While most people turn to marketing as a revenue generating means, it is not the only way. Besides to be successful at it, you at least need to have a website which you can use for your marketing efforts. There are other methods of making money online though.

Why not write? If you have a way with words, then you can make money from it. Find article submission sites that pay when your articles prove to be useful. The rewards don’t come immediately, but if you publish more, you stand to earn more. You could also work on contract as a website content writer, if you have technical writing expertise. You could act as an online middleman, finding buyers for products or services that suppliers have to sell. It works on a commission basis, and the more deals you facilitate the more you earn.

If you have a lot of time, you could work as a virtual assistant. The job may have different demands, but you usually get paid by the hour, and sometimes a very good rate. Flipping websites is another option, and although you need to invest some money purchasing sites in the first place, it’s never a substantial amount.