Bored of sitting in the train or bus on a long journey with nothing to do? Are you tired of looking at the sceneries passing by and sleeping on your journey? If you want some thrilling entertainment then there are various options such as reading a book, listening to music etc. However, the best option that is fast gaining popularity is mobile gaming. The main attraction of mobile gaming is that you can take it with you wherever you go.

Snake was the first game to be released in the mobile gaming zone. However, mobile gaming didn’t become a factor while buying mobiles until recently. It is only after the release of iPhones, Android etc that mobile gaming has become so popular. With these advanced mobile phones and smart phones, you can play anything- simple puzzles to action games to racing etc. You can even have console games on that tiny little screen for playing. Nowadays, a variety of games belonging to various genres are available through mobile gaming. You can find something as simple and basic as Snake or Tetris to something like chess, MotoGP, racing games etc. You can also change the games on your mobile very easily by simply uninstalling it. For a fresh game, you have to download it and it gets installed automatically. It does not cost more than $5 to do so.

Mobile gaming is also very convenient because mobiles can be carried around very easily and are available at the tip of your fingers. It is not a surprise that mobile gaming is now so popular all over.